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9th Island Ghost

9th Island Las Vegas Ghost; Haunted Luxor Hotel & Casino

The Luxor hotel and casino has a long history of tragedy that make some believe it’s one of the most haunted places on the strip. I’s also one of the most recognizable buildings in Las Vegas. The Luxor is a 30-story, glass-clad pyramid with one of the world’s brightest spotlights known as the Skybeam, says The Telegraph. The hotel and casino opened in 1993, during a relatively short phase in which Las Vegas attempted to create “family friendly” resorts that leaned on theme park-style experiences as much as gambling.

“Is it any surprise that the Luxor is haunted? Think about it: The Luxor is a giant pyramid, which is basically just a big fancy tomb. Step inside the eerily quiet atrium (the largest in the world by volume), and you’ll be standing in the very place where a woman jumped to her death in 1996. The Luxor is also haunted by a man who accidentally fell to his death, as well as construction workers who died while building the resort. Numerous TripAdvisor reviews contain reports of eerie sensations, apparitions and phantom voices. Superstitious visitors claim the Luxor is cursed due to the fact that the giant Sphinx outside is facing the wrong direction (east instead of west) which is bad luck.”
~ The Best Of Las Vegas

Las Vegas Ghosts claims that rumors abound over the deaths of construction workers, some of whom might be glimpsed by guests on the Nile Riverboat ride. Other incidents, like a fatal 2012 outbreak of Legionnaires Disease as reported by Scientific American, have made some wonder if the place is cursed. 

Sure, it might be a critical mass of people generating its own trouble, but some wonder if the showy version of Ancient Egypt has gotten some real ancient spirits mad. Or is it that dark energy gathered up by the pyramid itself, as Haunted Las Vegas suggests? Could there be a hush-hush burial ground for mob victims beneath its foundations? Wild as these rumors may be, we may never know for sure.

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