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For nearly 20 years the Little Grass Shack has been spreading the Spirit of Aloha across Southern Nevada on the FM airwaves. Hosts Island Emory, Angel, and Big Island Emory are all proud to share their Aloha Spirit, island culture, lifestyle and traditions with KUNV 91.5 listeners every Saturday afternoon from 12:00p-3:00p. Special features like Topics in the Tropics, WTF: What the Fact, and Wiki Wiki Sports make every weekend at KUNV lively and exciting. Listen on air or online every Saturday for the “Best of Island Music!”


Little Grass Shack is just one of several locally created and hosted shows heard on 91.5 KUNV, the public broadcasting station of UNLV. 91.5 KUNV provides our community with music and information that reflects the rich and diverse cultures of Las Vegas. We are listener and donor supported. Funds go directly to providing educational opportunities for UNLV students and the community.



I’m originally from Hau’ula, Hawaii, but I’ve been living in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past 36 years. I guess you could say I’m a Las Vegas Native. I moved here in 1980 because my parents were stationed at Nellis Airforce Base. Yeaup. I’m a military brat and I’ve travelled around the world. I attended thirteen different schools before I graduated Wagner High School in the Philippines. Fortunately, no matter where I travelled to, I was always surrounded by people that were from Hawaii so I never lost the culture.

Music and laughter are a big part of my life and my two greatest values. Being Hawaiian, these values were instilled me at a young age which allowed me to share the spirit of aloha to the rest of this world.

Getting into radio, I given the opportunity in 1998 to be part of a Hawaiian radio show on KLAV Las Vegas, a brokerage radio company where you paid for airtime and could broadcast anything you wanted from talk to multicultural music. The biggest challenged I faced there was being able to get sponsors to pay for programming, but my determination got me through it.

In 1999, I got the opportunity to bring my show to the FM dial. That’s where the Little Grass Shack show was reborn in 1999 on KUNV 91.5 PM Las Vegas. And that’s where was are today. As of this past August, it’s now been 18 years of building and the results have been more than worth it. We’re the longest running Hawaiian radio show in the 49 states. LGS is now a popular show with our community, sharing the spirit of Aloha every Saturday afternoon from 12pm-3pm. I want to keep sharing and building a stronger foundation of Aloha here in the mainland USA. Keep us on your FM dial, 91.5 FM KUNV Las Vegas, for your 3-hour trip to paradise.

Angel T.

I’m Angelyn Tabalba, a current third-year student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) where I’m getting a degree in Journalism and Media studies and a minor in Criminal Justice. In addition to being a full time student, I’m apart of other student organizations. I am the Social Media Coordinator for the Residence Hall Association, the President of the National Residence Hall Honorary, the Asian Community Development Council, and now, a co-host for 91.5 FM the Little Grass Shack.

More intimately, I am a child of immigrant parents who reign from the Philippine Islands. In 1990, my parents petitioned to come to United States and decided to move to Honolulu, Hawaii, where I was born and raised. Growing up in a state so extremely diverse and naturally beautiful, I have come to know how fortunate I am living in a site so humbling and rich in history. I funneled this love for Hawaii in all that I did. In the papers I wrote for school, in joining the Ewalu club at UNLV, and now, being a co-host on a Hawaiian radio station.

Little Grass Shack was my first real life opportunity doing anything in my major. Getting connected with Island Emory has been the best experience as a student here at UNLV. Tune into Little Grass Shack every Saturday afternoon at 12pm for the best of island music.


Hey, howzit, everyone? My name is Raphael, but everyone typically knows me as “Raph” for short (not “Ralph” or “Ralphie”, haha). I am a Journalism/Media Studies major at UNLV with an emphasis on photography/audio/video production! I’ve come to realize that I have a strong passion for content creation, especially when it comes to things that interest me most! Which is one of the many reasons why I am now a part of the LGS ohana (of course one of the other reasons is being a contributor in helping bring the community together!).

A bit about myself? Ahh, jeez. That’s kinda tough. I was born in the Philippines and brought stateside when I was 4. 2nd generation, never lost the language or customs. Hard not to when my mom would yell at me in Tagalog, for good reasons and lessons of course! Haha, in any case, like Emory I was raised all over the place. California and Missouri when I was a kid, Oahu (Honolulu in 2002, but you found me mostly causing trouble with friends in Kalihi, haha) and here in Vegas during my teenage years. The latter two cities would prove to be such an influential part of my development into the man that I am today, and when we transitioned back to the mainland from Oahu in 2006 I kept that spirit of Aloha within myself, now and always!

No, my mom was not in the military. But funny enough, I myself ended up joining the service because I never really knew a life other than simply one word, which is “go”. So I left Vegas in 2009, saw the world, earned life experiences during my adventures under my belt, and came back to a thriving and growing city in 2017. Places I’ve been in my early adulthood include Oklahoma City, Okinawa, Alaska, Guam, Singapore, and Texas just to name a few. I’m very grateful for the journeys I’ve taken and the amazing experiences I’ve made, people met and many different cultures that I have adopted within myself.

I take these aspects, along with the ever expanding skills I’m acquiring, to hopefully “go” and make the next dream into a reality, which is to bring our 9th Island ohana that much closer together and to show the whole world what the spirit of Aloha is all about!