Island Spirit By Tessie Sumampong-Apique

by | May 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

Get a taste of island culture without ever leaving Las Vegas through the annual Ho’olaulea Pacific Island Festival and Pure Aloha Festival.

The Ho’olaulea Pacific Island Festival was created by Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club in 1989 (aohcc). “We thought it was important to retain our cultural values and traditions, here, in the valley,” Dorinda Burnet, President of Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club (Youtube). Ho’olaulea had their recent festival on September 9th and 10th, celebrating their 27th annual festival. This event is a free admission island pacific festivals that cultivate the island community at the Henderson Event Plaza. The festivals embody neighborhood islands like Samoans, Cook Islands, to celebrate the island culture as a community and a whole.

Santana, the founder of the Vizzun Entertainment wanted to bring back a piece of his home to the mainland. He created Pure Aloha so he could share the “aloha spirit” to the 9th island “Las Vegas” by culture, music and entertainment (Vizzun).

The 12th annual Pure Aloha Fall festival will be from September 29 to October 1 at the Silverton Casino (Silvertoncasino). Pure Aloha is one of the mecca of island festivals in Las Vegas. There are unlimited food venues that solidifies authenticate Hawaii cuisine from kalua pig (slow cook tender pig), Lau Lau (pork wrapped in luau leaf), spam musubi, malasadas (powder donuts), shaved ice and the list is endless. Get a taste of classic island cuisines with live performances from Tahitian and Hula Halaus (groups) in the Las Vegas community. This year featured Bonafide, Fiji, Maoli and other performances.

The Ho’olaulea Pacific Island Festival and Pure Aloha Festival are cultural catalysts for our community. These two festivals unite the community together in celebration of our culture and heritage. Through song, dance, food, and charisma, Las Vegas continues to embody the Island Spirit and provide a home away from home.


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