Dennis Pavao, Master of Hawaiian Falsetto

Dennis Pavao was born in Kalapana Hawaii in July 1951. He was one of several Hawaiian musicians who, during the 1970s, led a Hawaiian music renaissance, reviving Hawaiian music, especially “ka leo ki’eki’e,” or Hawaiian falsetto singing. He also sang at the baritone range.

Along with his cousins, Ledward and Nedward Kaʻapana, Pavao started the group Hui ʻOhana. Hui ʻOhana became the premier falsetto group in Hawaiʻi.

After the breakup of Hui ʻOhana, Dennis Pavao moved on to pursue a solo career. As a solo artist, Pavao received several Na Hoku Hanohano awards including Hawaiian album of the year & Hawaiian male vocalist of the year.

Sadly, Dennis Pavao died from a brain aneurysm in January 2002 at the age of fifty.

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