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Hawai’i Firecrackers

Hawai'i Firecracker Traditions

Happy New Year - Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

Little Grass Shack WTF?!?! (What The Fact)

Hawai’i New Year firework traditions comes from the introduction of the firecracker by Chinese immigrants.
The predecessor of the firecracker was a type of heated bamboo, used as early as 200 BC, that exploded when heated continuously. The Chinese name for firecrackers, baozhu, literally means “exploding bamboo.” After the invention of gunpowder, gunpowder firecrackers had a shape that resembled bamboo and produced a similar sound, so the name “exploding bamboo” was retained.

In traditional Chinese culture, firecrackers were used to scare off evil spirits.

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