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Hawai’i Manju

Manju, Hawaii style manju!

Manju is a pastry traditionally filled with sweet azuki beans. It was introduced to Hawai’i from Japan and is similar to mochi, except that mochi is made with rice flour being chewy and soft and manju is made with wheat flour being more cake-crust-like.

Like many things that were introduced to Hawai’i during the plantation days, the Japanese manju got Hawaiian-ized! Traditionally, Japan steams their manju where in Hawai’i it’s baked; flaky crust filled with azuki beans, coconut, sweet potato, mango, and pineapple fillings.

A sub-style of Hawaii manju is known as crispy manju, or Maui manju. It was first introduced by Home Maid Bakery in Wailuku. Crispy manju is simply the best!

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