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Hawaiian Style Smoke Meat

Hawaiian Style Smoke Meat

‘Ono Kaukau

Hawaiian Style Smoke Meat is a marinated smoked pork dish. Traditionally it was made of wild pigs either hunted or trapped. For convenience and having a softer not-so-chewy or gamey texture a very popular alternative is the pork butt cut (which is actually a section just above the front shoulder of a pig).

Typically, the meat is cut into large strips then marinated for 24 – 48 hours (or even longer). The Marinade can consist of Hawaiian salt, shoyu, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, and Hawaiian chili pepper water.

The meat is slow smoked for a few hours using cooking fire woods from Hawai’i. Some of the more enjoyable woods are kiawe (similar to mesquite), ohia, guava, lychee, and even mountain apple wood. Keep in mind, the meat is only smoked halfway done, not fully cooked.

Sliced into bit size pieces, now you’re able to finish cooking it by lightly frying it as is, or with onions or cabbage. ‘Onoliciaous! Broke-Da-Mouth!

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