Destination to Paradise:
Hilo, Hawai’i

The first Polynesians settled in Hilo around 1100 AD. These first Hawaiians landed near the mouth of the Wailuku River at Kaipalaoa Landing (Hilo Bay Lighthouse). Oral history gives the meaning of Hilo as to twist or braid. It is also the name of the Polynesian voyager who discovered the area.

Located in the Northeast of Hawai’i Island, Hilo is the largest city in Hawai’i County. Hilo has a population of about 45,000. The small, slow paced, tranquil town sits on the edge of the Hilo Bay shoreline. The are is very green and lush thanks to the 142 inches of rainfall Hilo receives each year. The area has several majestic waterfalls. Most of it’s beaches are of black sand and/or lava rock.

Hilo is built for Locals, not the typical tourist town. Although, it does feature a charming historical downtown district showcasing it’s diverse culture, creative arts, culinary arts, local eateries and a unique tropical lifestyle. Hilo also boast several galleries and museums and a bustling farmers market.

Hilo is home to The Merrie Monarch Festival. A week long festival honoring King David Kalākaua.