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Lānaʻi Island & Holupoe Bay

Lānaʻi Island & Holupoe Bay

Destination Paradise:
We take you to the island of Lānaʻi or called Lānaʻi o Kauluāʻau, which can be rendered in English as “day of the conquest of Kauluāʻau.” Lanai was formed about 1.5 million years ago by the volcano Palawai.

As the 6th largest Hawaiian Island,  Lānaʻi is currently 140 square miles in size with a population of 5000 residents. The highest elevation is 3,366 ft, highest point is Lānaʻihale and features 13 Ahupua’a on the island.

Hulopoe Bay
Hulopoe Bay is one of Lānaʻi Island’s most popular spots. Sunbathers like the wide stretch of sand, while snorkelers revel in the vibrant reefs filled with fish and native plant life. This is one of the few beaches on Lānaʻi where swimming is safe, but only in the summer; the waves in the winter are too dangerous. If you’re in Lānaʻi during the winter months, a stop at Hulopoe Bay is still worthwhile as you can sometimes spot dolphins and humpback whales from the shore as they pass through the bay every winter.

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