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LGS Vegas Hawaiian Radio Show

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Hawaiian Word of the Day – Ka Hua ‘Ōlelo O Ka Lā:

anuanu – Definition: Not warm. Anu, anuanu; koʻekoʻe, huʻihuʻi (chilly)

Topic From The Tropic:

chinese in Hawaii
Chinese Immigration To Hawai’i – Around 46,000 Chinese arrived in Hawai’i during the mid to late 1800s. Majority were connected to 5 year work contracts as laborers for sugar plantations.

LGS WTF?! (What The Fact):

Historical records indicated that the earliest presence of Chinese in Hawaii dates back to the late 18th century as a few China-men arrived during Captain Cook’s journey in 1778.

Destination To Paradise:

Waioka Pond: Known as the “Venus Pool”, the Waioka Pond is a stunning natural pool along the rugged eastern coastline of Hana, Maui.

Waioka Pond

Hawaiian Legends & Mythology:

Ka’uiki Pu’u
The hill at Ka’uiki, on the south east side of Hana Bay, is famous for legend and historic events. You may notice that clouds rarely touch the summit of this hill, which is due to the demi-god Maui having pushed up the sky in order to get a drink of water from a young woman.

Fortune Cookie Saying:

Chinese New Year Day of Tiger Year is on February 1, 2022, which is the first lunar day of the 2020 Chinese Lunar Calendar. in China. However, the first day of the 2022 Black Water Tiger astrological Year is on February 4, 2022.

9th Island Community Calendar:

FEB 5 – 11 th Annual CNY In the Desert 2022 Spring Festival Parade 10AM -12PM. LVHCC and Community partners participating and representing our Lahui.

FEB 6 – ACRC, Spring Festival at Desert Breeze Community Center. Flyer posted.

FEB 11 – LVHCC and COX, 2022 Diversity Scholarship, $3500 apply on PEF.org website. GOOD LUCK!!!

FEB 12 – LVHCC hosting their annual Aha ‘Aina Makahiki, Virtual event. See more info on LGS FB and IG. Collaboration of Clubs and Organization with their mission and community calendar.

FEB 22 – Emily Higby Award Luncheon, Chang’s Hong Kong Cuisine

MARCH 13 – Kanaka Hekili MC is hosting their Poker Ride, Flyer posted on our FB and IG. Giving back to our community, and spreading ALOHA whenever they are. Following a Luau, $10 donations get your tickets NOW

MARCH 19 – 2nd Annual Health & Craft Expo, LVHCC 9am – 2pm, more information to follow.

MAY 8 – The Majah Rajah featuring Rebel Souljahz and Ka’ikena Scanlan, Downtown Las Vegas Event Center – www.tmrevents.net

NOVEMBER 25 – Kailiha’o Hula, is hosting the “King Kalakaua Royal Ball” 200 Years of Hawai’i Monarchy Gown & Holoku Collection. Evening Gala Affair. 200 Years of Hawaii relives an era when zenith of glamour, grandiose, graciousness and elegance all prevail. Save the date! Join Kailiha’o Hula for a remarkable walk through Hawaii history. Tickets going on sale March 1, 2022.

Hawaiian Music Artist Spotlight:

Anuhea – Just Keep Jamming

‘Olelo No’eau:

`Ike aku, `ike mai, kokua aku kokua mai; pela iho la ka
nohana `ohana.

Translation: Recognize others, be recognized, help others, be
helped; such is a family relationship.

Explanation: Many native Hawaiians live with their extended family
and family is the most important part of life for them. This saying
teaches why they should put family first…In the Ohana or family,
you know others and they know you, you help others and know you
will be helped if there is anything you need.

‘Ono Kaukau:

Kau Yuk – Chinese steamed pork belly

Wikiwiki Sports:

ACTION PACKED WEEK! A busy week here on the 9th Island with the NFL Pro Bowl festivities as well as the NHL All-Star weekend festivities were in high !action.

After an ugly, pilau series of events which took place in Manoa with the Hawai’i football program we say congratulations and welcome home Timmy Chang, newly acquired head coach for the Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors Football team.

Chang becomes the 25th head coach in UH football history dating back to 1909. He played high school QB at Saint Louis and University of Hawai’i. Chang spent time in the NFL on practice squads for the Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions & Philadelphia Eagles.

Chang also played QB for the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe as well as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League.

As a coach, Chang expanded his mentorship & leadership at SMU, Jackson State, Emory & Henry, Nevada-Reno and Colorado State.

Wrap it up! Wikiwiki Sports Pau!