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Makapu’u Legends

Two Legends Of Makapu’u

There is a mo’olelo, or legend, of how the famous bodyboarding & bodysurfing place called Makapu’u beach got its name. An ancient legend of a goddess from Tahiti whose name was Makapu’u. She was an ugly goddess with big bubbly eyes, but she liked the people of Waimanalo, and the people liked her. She left a statue of herself with them and the people loved it so much they named the beach & point after her. FYI – maka means eye, pu’u means bulged.

The shark god, Kamahoali’i, was provoked by fishermen dropping sharks tails into the sea which mad him upset so he decided to eat a fisherman. He attacked, eating the fisherman’s feet first, but couldn’t eat his leg or make it any closer to the rear end because of the smell. From then on, he promised to never eat another human, and told his sharks to stay away from humans at Makapu’u. Now, surfing or swimming at Makapu’u you will never get bitten by a shark.

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