Olelo with Aunty Dorinda

by | May 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

Aunty Dorinda is the Little Grass Shack’s Hawaiian Treasure, bringing us our daily ‘olelo. Her wisdom on Hawaiian language on culture does not only intend to educate us, but reminds us of our roots and values. Most importantly, it reminds us to live with aloha!

About Aunty Dorinda: Dorinda Puanani Keola Burnet, 1976 lifer graduate from Kamehameha. Major Hawaiian studies and language. 1978 Hula Bowl Queen, 1983 Mo’i Wahine Aloha Week Court city &County of Honolulu. Moved to Las Vegas 1993. Former kumu hula. 2001 Hawaiian Folklorist, Nv Art Council. 2017 Pelekikena Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic club. ‘Olelo is important because it keeps us grounded to our roots. It reminds us of our ancestors, our culture & traditions and our way of life. It is the very core or piko of our race. Without its presence, there would be no aloha