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Poke From Hawai’i

Poke From Hawai'i

Traditional Blends

Poke means to slice, section, cut crosswise into pieces;


Poke is a native Hawaiian cuisine; seasoned, diced raw fish, octopus, and/or shellfish. Traditional poke served sliced, cubed, or smashed is seasoned and prepared with sea salt, ‘inamona, dried or roasted kukui nut (candlenuts), & various limu (seaweed).

Modern Traditions:
With Japanese & other outside influence Hawai’i Locals have excepted non-Hawaiian ingredients such as shoyu (soy sauce), sesame seed, sesame oil, furikake, onion, green onion, Hawaiian chili pepper, even adding mayo-Sriracha into the mix of it, sort of as a modern day traditional flare. Poke bowls served with rice have made it’s way to Hawai’i mainstream. All, probably because poke was “reinvented” in Hawai’i by kama’aina.

“In this episode of Why We Eat, Sheldon Simeon of the restaurants Tin Roof and Lineage in Maui breaks down poke. While preparing three different poke styles, Sheldon spotlights poke’s cultural and historical significance, and evolution in Hawaii. This is why we eat poke.”Munchies

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