Hawaiian Poke

Poke means to slice, section, cut crosswise into pieces;

What is poke?

Poke is a native Hawaiian cuisine; seasoned, diced raw fish, octopus, and/or shellfish. Traditional poke served sliced, cubed, or smashed is seasoned and prepared with sea salt, ‘inamona, dried or roasted kukui nut (candlenuts), & various limu (seaweed).

Modern Traditions:
With Japanese & other outside influence Hawai’i Locals have excepted non-Hawaiian ingredients such as shoyu (soy sauce), sesame seed, sesame oil, furikake, onion, green onion, Hawaiian chili pepper, even adding mayo-Sriracha into the mix of it, sort of as a modern day traditional flare. Poke bowls served with rice have made it’s way to Hawai’i mainstream. All, probably because poke was “reinvented” in Hawai’i by kama’aina.

The Take Away:
Real Hawaiian poke is NOT sushi. Hawaiian-Asian fusion poke is one thing, but calling it a salad and serving it with, corn, lettuce, wraps, croutons, peas, beans, or sliced cucumbers. is a big No-No, ‘a’ole!