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Surf & Turf Hawai’i

Fishing & Hunting In Hawai'i

Surf & Turf Hawai'i

Surf & Turf Hawai’i

Go “Holoholo” – Hanapa’a

line or marine vessel (boat) does not require a license. This includes diving and spearfishing and on the water edge picking seaweed or aquatic shell life.

Their are countless varieties of fish from small reef fish (kole or uhu) to large deep sea fish (ahi or mahimahi). You are allowed to keep any type of fish you catch as long as it meets size/weight reqirements. All varieties of lobsters have closed seasons that run May through August. It is illegal to catch turtles and sharks.

Freshwater fishing in Hawai’i does require a license ($6 resident, $1 senior, $26 for non-residents).

Game Time! – Hunting in Hawai’i

Hawai’i has a small variety of rifle and bow game hunting. Game differs from island to island with feral pigs (boar), feral goat, mouflon sheep, feral sheep, mouflon-feral hybrids (often called black Hawaiian sheep), blackbuck, axis deer, black-tailed deer, wild turkeys and other small feral fowl. All game have designated seasons. Some offer open-hunt, others require lottery tags & permits.

Hunting requires a valid Hawai‘i hunting license on their person to hunt or have a bagged game mammal in their possession. Resident hunting licenses cost $10 and non-resident licenses are $95.

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