Thank YOU!

by | May 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

During the week of our Spring Pledge Drive, the Little Grass Shack has received messages of affirmation and praise for our show. We are truly thankful for our loyal listeners and the support of our local Las Vegas community. Because of you, the Little Grass Shack continues to bring the best of island music to the rest of the 49 states and spread aloha 6 days a week. Your generous donations during the week of our pledge drive will help keep our show alive. 

Below is a testimony from Coby, a loyal listener and donor to the Little Grass Shack: 

“It is I who need to thank you. What you bring to us each morning is very personal to everyone of us…those sweet memories of Home and our Island traditions and way of life. 

I don’t think we fully understand the Aloha Spirit until we move away and no longer have it surrounding our ever being. 

When I went back a couple of months ago being in traffic was not about cutting people off and getting to the red light first. It was so mellow, people letting you in when you turn on your blinker (and people actually use them there) and not Speeding up so you can’t get in. 

People are so pleasant. They talk to you. They smile. The music reminds one of those smiles. 

Certain songs…you close your eyes and you are there with the sun, sand, wind and water touching your skin. You close your eyes and you are a kid again camping with Summer Fun at Hanauma Bay or having ice cream sundaes at Coco’s (gone now) or playing in the waves on the north shore. This is why we listen. This is why it is I thanking you. For 2 hours each morning I am transported back. Back to a world where the true Aloha spirit still lives.