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The Checkers & Pogo Show

The Checkers and Pogo Show

A Hawai’i version of “Romper-Room”

“Checkers and Pogo” was a TV series made for children, keiki of Hawai’i. The show aired on KGMB TV from 1967 until 1982. Then KGMB Station owner Cec Heftel wanted an afternoon kids’ show featuring simple plots that would draw the kids back day after day. It’s the longest-running and most beloved of Hawaii’s kid shows.

The show could be watched on analog channel 9 every weekday from 3pm – 5pm. It featured kids games, skits, fieldtrip excursions “On The Go” and cartoons hosted by Mr Checkers and Pogo-Pog. Supporting characters included Super Spy McPig, Dr. Fruitcake, Professor Fun, along with a few other wacky characters.

Those lucky enough as a kid, got to attend the live show and be part of the interactive audience. It was a big deal being chosen to participate in a game such as eating a donut or hotdog of a string, eating a soda cracker then trying to whistle. Only super lucky ones got to stick their hand in the penny jar. However much you could grab, was yours to keep.

Jim Hawthorne as Mr. Checkers (orginal)
Dave Donnelly as Mr. Checkers (2nd)
Jim Demarest as Mr. Checkers (3rd)
Morgan White sd Pogo, Pogo-Pog
Fred Ball as Professor Fun
Jerry Cox as Super Spy McPig

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